JV's was the former home of the Schorr family brewery, which was built in 1880's and operated up until prohibition years. There are three fermenting cellars below street level; the third story down is now under water. JV's has been in operation under the same management for 28 years. We serve the best in hickory smoked pork and chicken. Our ribs and chicken are smoked for five hours, while our brisket and pork butts are smoked for over 14 hours for full flavor. Our BBQ is served with sauce on the side, because we can. We are Happy to be celebrating our 28th year in business!!


JVā€™s Kitchen Hours

Monday ā€“ Thursday
11am ā€“ 8:30pm

Friday & Saturday
11am ā€“ 9:00pm

Sunday...kitchen hours 10:30am to 8:00pm.

Tavern Hours
10am to 1am